I am a contemporary  portrait photographer, often creating images with a conceptual twist. I also enjoy nude photography, specifically those based outdoors in a natural environment.

I live in a very small community in the middle of Vancouver Island with my husband and our two dogs. I am surrounded by mountains, nature trails, greenery and the occasional Elk visits our yard. It is very slow moving where I live... it slows you down and connects you to earth, offering much inspiration for my work.

The inspiration for my images comes mostly from deep conversations with my clients, as each image is envisioned and created uniquely for them. My process is then to sketch the concept and search for the perfect location. This allows for an organized shooting process and a direction for post processing in Photoshop. To complete my images I add digital texture and for gallery showings I include an encaustic process, which adds a beeswax finish to the image.

I love to explore themes of transformation, death and rebirth - often symbolised by using colors like red, or props like butterflies. Each image is a unique story as my style changes, grows and evolves. One door closes and emerges into another.

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