Posing Clinic- Sterling Legacy - Victoria BC

Where to begin with this... Some details - the clinic was hosted by Michael Barkley from Sterling Legacy Photography in Victoria and the presenter was International Model Tyna Kottova.  The clinic focused on all things modeling and posing and I was asked to attend and to participate as a photographer in the breakout rooms to allow the models to try what they learned during the day.  The clinic was well organized and although I don't have lights I was set up with some strobes to work with.  So much was covered, so many little details,  things I tell muses I work with like bringing a little kit with you (makeup, brush, pins, nude undergarments, communicate with your photog, collaborate.....).  It was wonderful to sit and listen and soak up more on posing.. because frankly how am I going to do my 52 week selfie challenge without knowing some basic posing.  Yes, I do give direction and lots of in my sessions.. however my style of posing and direction is geared towards story telling and glamour for the non-model... I picked up so much more on lifestyle, fashion and especially shooting male models.   Anyhow.. if you ever get a change to attend such a clinic, make the time.. even one gem will help.  

On a personal note I wanted to share was an aha moment for me... it was  - caress and love your body (when modelling) do not be too hard on yourself.  This rang so true for me even when not in front of a camera... just life in general ..that I will carry that thought for days... love your body, love your body.... any size or shape.. love your body.... I will be taking my body for a long luxurious bath later today to remind myself of my new mantra... love your body..