Indie Film - Behind the Scenes - Throw back to 2015

You may never guess it but I am not into horror films or gore.  I get way too wrapped up and by the end I am jittery mess and have nightmares for days.  Having said that, I was asked if I wanted to help out with some Cast and Crew BTS shots of an indie film being done in my area.  

First time working with Indie film crew, and such a large production.  It was a great experience, and for the most part I enjoyed every minute - thank gosh it did not rain , my feet hurt, I am exhausted, and I only worked 2 nights... its amazing the work and dedication of those who do the entire production.  My nights started at 7 pm and went until early morning... and they were still rolling.  It was great to work with so many talented people willing to put in their all.. I even learned a few tricks from the crew for camera maintenance... so it was a great time and I would do it again.  Mind you next time, I will bring more layers, and a chair.