The Veil - A Mini Series

There exists a veil between dimensions, between our world and another.  It's difficult to explain but we know.... because  we feel it.  Someday's it is as dense as courderoy and other times the veil is as faint and thin as a spider's web. '

The breeze blows softly, teasing the fabric of her dress and playing with the wisps of hair as she stands facing the unknown.  Everything is familiar, yet there is a flutter of butterflies in her stomach - dread, or is it misidentified joy.~sigh.    She has only know it as dark cold dread and fear.  Fear of what is comming on the wind, the unkown.  She crouches to touch the stones at her feet and feel the warmth of the sun baked sand.  Then she feels it, stronger now that crackling vibrating feeling of pure energy and she stands.  Holding the veil close with a prayer she swings her hands over head and let's it settle over her in surrender.  Trusting that what is coming is meant to be.