{On Ravens Wing}

'I've dreamed of being wrapped in the wings of a raven. It was warm, and soft, yet terrifying. There was no sense of up or down, not a stitch of light, only the feeling of being carried away. Occasionally I could feel a whoosh of air past my face. I woke up with a start...because I had the sensation of falling. '

Occasionally I am invited to attend events on the island where models and photographers get together to chat, collaborate, learn, kibits, and collaborate creating epic pieces.  I don't attend many of these events, but I should really.  I don't attend them because I get overwhelmed.. and perhaps it overwhelmed at the amount of talent, the amount of possibilities, the pressure of feeling you must shoot... not sure exactly.  I am a quick shooter, when I have my idea that is.. so being on the spot to create really pushes the boundaries and I think that is where I need to push more.   Photography is a journey for me of pushing into area's I am not comfortable with.. I just need to embrace that already!  Ok, rant/ramble over.  The original intent of this image was to be calling to the sky, we were on the beach with tide out and I had envisioned her with some light sphere in her hands and pulling down the sky in a magical way.  When I got the image into post, I was not feeling it, however I came upon some stock images of the crows, which resulted in this creation.  I even video recorded the speed edit... my first one.