{Show Me The Way}

What you seek is not to be found in the material world, it is is within you, within your soul. 


  • Canon 5DMarkIII
  • 85mm lens
  • ISO 320, f4.0,,  1/160
  • Location was Somenos Marsh in Duncan, BC  (It was a busy day at that location for photo shoots)


The "Outfit" was created with a  vintage shrug I was gifted from a friend, a wig, some black fabric, and a boustier to be the main part of the dress.  Everything was pinned or tied or tucked into place to get the look I wanted, nothing fancy, it just had to hold for the session.  When we got to the location, we did a few different locations and we did have a second model as well, but this is the only one I have done a speed edit on so I thought I would blog about it.  Anyhow, I always like to feel some sort of movement or story already being played out in the images I create, so I regularly get wind incorporated.  To fake my wind, I had a few friends toss hair and throw a punch across to hit the fabric under the models raised arm.   Other than getting caught in fabric once, for the most part it worked!  In future I am getting a leaf blower though ;)  


When I got the images sorted and picked I pulled it all into Photoshop.  I had a general idea that I wanted a lantern in the models hand so I used stock image from Adobe Cloud, along with some more dramatic background elements and I finished it off with atmosphere like Dust and Smoke from Raw Exchange - I heart them.  

I started by masking out my model from the background, and then popping in the moodier mountains, and blending like I was blending eye shadow :).  I then added in the lantern and made it line up to look like it was trapped in wind as well, I again created a mask and blended until it looked right, then adjusted the colors.  (It's always tricky to pull in different elements and get the color right - I am still learning that)  When I felt the over all color was close, I then started to add some 'light' to the lantern, that was 3 different layers of gradient bursts to get the feel of it.  Finally, it came down the final touches which were highlights and shadows.. ensuring that the light hit her face right, and the shadow was falling off her... and some atmosphere elements of smoke and dust.  Voila!


This was my first real attempt at using stock to create a new environment, and I am hooked.  The one thing I take away from this is the need to create more of my own stock images for landscape ( which I suck at ) but that will be 2017's goal, along with more blogging and speed edits.

Thank you to Stan Novotny Photography (collaborator and fellow photog), Kendall Wren Lawson (my talented model), and Francine Chiasson (awesome makeup artist), I certainly could not do this without all your help.  THANK YOU!  

I hope you enjoyed this quick and dirty.   Please leave a comment or message or feedback.  Have a great week!