Living Sculptures

I have a deep connection to the human form as art, particularly those who's art form is their own body.  How they chisel each curve, and swell using determination, sweat, and heavy lifting.

This series is a personal one because I understand the physical, emotional and psychological challenges you have to over come when you are bodybuilding.  It was a time in my life that pushed me to grow, leave a marriage after moving across country to start my life, find myself and self worth.  It was a very painful time and yet it was a very joyful time.  I even entered a bodybuilding competition to show off all my hard work.  It was a time in my life I now look back on with pride and a little sadness that I never captured a portrait or art piece.  Of course, I do have 'pictures' of me in my suit, or on stage, and they are absolutely amazing, but nothing I can showcase on my wall to show others as art, the work of art I am and was.  That missing portrait has been a driving force for me particularly when working with women bodybuilders.  That feeling of a deeper piece of art to capture, to show, to offer competitors - I just did not quite have what it was has always been there for the last 2 years.  Then I saw an image of the statue of David and something clicked... I had my light bulb moment and this exhibit was born - the Living Sculptures.     

The exhibit runs for the month of March at the Old Fire House and Wine Bar in Duncan BC.  Try to swing by and gander.

All these men and women are from Vancouver Island  and I am blessed to have had them in front of my camera.