Portraits are the greatest gift you can give someone. 

Every October, in honor of those diagnosed with Cancer, I will be giving away a photo session to a cancer patient or survivor.  During the month of October I am asking you to nominate someone you feel is deserving of a photo session.  I will randomly draw one winner on 17th and another on the 31st of October.   The session can be either a Conceptual Storytelling Session or a Family Session. 

To nominate someone, you can either tag them in my Facebook post (    ), or email me directly with the subject line "I Nominate" and in the body of the email include the persons name my email - photos@kimyanick.com.  I realize that not everyone who has been diagnosed would like their name posted on social media, so that is why I am opening it up to email entry as well.  Please note, you can nominate more than one time, but please put each nominee in a separate comment.  The draw will be FB live and recorded on the dates mentioned above, and the winner will be announced (first name only). 

How it came about:

I have always wanted to give back and have been known to gift sessions in the past.  However, in 2015 I had run across a post on FB of a woman dealing with a shocking breast cancer diagnosis and I was moved to tears.  I reached out to offer her a gift of a portrait session.  The intent was to document the change in body post-mastectomy, and celebrate where she was in the process. Upon meeting however, we both realized this would not be an ordinary shoot.  This is the Behind the Scenes of that day.  


I want to give back to anyone who has been diagnosed with Cancer, a portrait session, a memory.