Happy Happy

There are moments in any relationship when you feel happy with who you are with, that you are understood, heard, supported and they just 'get you'.   My friend Nicole is like that.  She lives across the country and we met so many years ago, when she rented a space from me.  We clicked.  I can pick up a phone and call her and I know that it will be just like we chatted last week not last year or longer.  I consider her a best friend... a relationship that I cherish, and even though we don't hang out as much anymore..3000 miles makes it a bit tough, I know when we do get the chance it is easy.  Those are relationships that we all need in our life, to help us through our tough times, and our good times.  If you are blessed to have one, hold onto it, celebrate it, and enjoy it.


Have a blissed week.