Revisiting the Old, and Growth.

When spring finally pops it is going to be stunning in the Valley.  In the past I book myself silly with so many personal projects and shoots that I don't have alot of time for my own growth.  This year is a little different and I stumbled upon a photog who's work I really enjoy.  I was skimming through his work, and was left wondering how he created his signature looks.  They are so cinematic, and moody.  I happened to find his tutorial on his site... (YEA) and so I downloaded it and soaked up everything like a sponge.  There's so many ways to create in photoshop, and I really like that about the tool but sometimes you can over do an image.  What I appreciated in his editing and shooting was the simplicity of his work flow (check out TJ Drysdale) and how few layers he used to create his work.  As soon as the course was over I was invigorated to try some of his techniques and I went back to some images I created in 2015 (what is old is new again).  Luna and I had been out for a nudes in nature session and this was one of the images I had not really been inspired to work with any further... until now.  Unfortunately, Facebook's policy around nudity is limiting the reach on this creation, but I hope you enjoy it anyhow.  I have a quick run down on what I did below as well if you are interested.