Dear 2017,

I want to say thank you.  It was not quite what I expected from a year but in the up and downs I learned lessons, found new friends, clients and inspiration in every moment.  Even those that were wrapped in fear and a bit of darkness.  2017  you helped me grow, find a grounding I have been seeking for  while and a new appreciation for hard work, deep relaxation and embracing what is.

I had my own Glamour Portrait session that boosted my self esteem....I was walking high after that thank you Vintage Chic!

I spent time with other creatives shooting video, creating connections and making memories, I went through home renovations I am in love with.  I create a new space to shoot in - tiny but all mine.. and new refreshed energy in my home.

I spent a beautiful day at a wedding in Tofino, capturing amazing memories and creating some wonderful art from the day.

Finally, I spent alot of time on walks, listening to pod casts on how to hack our life, how to change our behaviors that are not serving us.. and that kicked me off on some healthy journey's, and  bit of weight loss.  Yea!  

So, thank you 2017, you were not what I had planned but you were what I needed. 

Here's to 2018!