White Sheet Sessions

Have you heard the term ‘White Sheet Session’ and wonder what it’s all about?  Well, imagine a boudoir session without the lingerie.  I don’t mean a nude session, this is about about the intimacy we can create with a white sheet. It’s about embracing the sultry side of you. With a basic white sheet you have full control over how much you want to reveal or not. You may start our feeling a bit nervous, but trust me it's full of laughs and when you leave you will be glowing. I have had women literally gliding out the door feeling sexy, gorgeous and empowered. I strongly suggest a night out after your session, why not you are already made up and ready to take on the town.   

While the idea of this may seen like something you do in your 20’s and 30’s, I am here to say NO!  Do it now,  no matter your age! Celebrate a milestone birthday, or surprise your special someone.