The Desert has my heart

I have been dreaming of visiting the desert for years. There is such a pull to it’s raw beauty, the desolation, the total opposite of where I live. This past week I was blessed with an opportunity to join other artists and creatives on a 4 day convention called Promoting Passion, hosted in Joshua Tree California with Brooke Shaden. I have been following her work for years, and I get alot of inspiration from her and by that I actually mean she inspires me not only her work but her being. There were 160 other creatives attending this convention and wow what a journey, what an adventure, and what a course correcting few days.

Upon arriving we filed into the sanctuary and right off the bat we began digging into our souls -you see that is one of the most precious things about Brooke- she comes from a place of vulnerability and guiding you out of your fear or your rut in your creative journey. Within 2 hours of arriving we had hugged more strangers than I can recall, stared into anothers eyes for minutes at a time (try that with someone you KNOW - wow) we mingled and connected with at least one person and then finally we stumbled in the darkness to our lodges. Exhausted, overwhelmed and still excited to see the sunrise.

The next morning was glorious. Many participants were up and shooting at the crack of dawn, I mean who would want to miss that sunrise. That was the moment I fell in love with the desert. From the darkness to a glorious burst of color as the sun literally bloomed up the sky. I honestly stood soaking it all in, the air, the sun, the animals, the birds and bats.. it was amazing.