In 2017 I joined a FB group called the lightbulb project with Joel Robison where we we would get weekly words to create by. I have been watching other creatives make some amazing pieces and still I sat on my hands never having the nerve to take the ideas in my head and put them out into the world. I am blocked by fear, intimidation, frustration - it never looks as good as in my head, stagnation, judgement and of course my self image issues. I had an aha moment recently when someone said 'just start.. take shit photos and keep doing it until it is better'... I am paraphrasing but that very short few sentences hit me, it released me from my 'I have to be a good photographer' and that pressure of meeting some sort of expectation I think people have of me. My biggest creative and inspirational block ever!! Tonight I just did it, it was not perfect, my tripod broke on my last trip so I had to balance the camera on a stool and my slipper. None of my pretty dresses fit me and I got down about that for a moment, then I got very scared it was going to bomb but I did it anyhow.. I reached for that creative spark and I just started. If you are a creative in this group please let me know, I am always looking for inspiration be it weaving, painting, sketching, poetry (oh yes please tell me if you do spoken poetry) singing, dancing.. I would love to see your works. If you are just a lover of other creatives be there to support's not easy.

I don’t want to tell you what this image is about for me, but if you are inspired please tell me your thoughts.. what do you think it is about?