Pet Sitting, Puppy Parks and Portraits

My girlfriend is pet sitting this weekend, It’s the first time having a dog in the house since her’s crossed the rainbow bridge a few months back. We chatted about how weird it might be with a dog in the house and maybe it push her over the edge into looking for a new family member. She used to work with rescue organizations around the island and let it slip, they had already started looking. After us chatting a bit, I mentioned I would love to work outdoors with new dogs to trial a new lens I had. I am always loving the soft backgrounds so I was hoping to capture that. The biggest challenge was where to shoot, so I picked a dog park. Now, to be fair, that could have been bad news, considering there is only 1 fully enclosed dog park in Duncan, and bringing a new dog into that environment, along with equipment, oh and my own puppy to have a play day may have been a bad idea. So we booked for 330 slot, and when I arrived the park was very quiet which was perfect…. Tabitha (the pupper), Bonnie and Michael showed up just a few seconds later, and after a little social time, we got down to business.

The weather was just right, with some cloud cover, so we got to work, and Tabitha nailed it. Of course her handler (Bonnie) having worked with me before knew exactly what to do and oh yes … TREATS! ( I don’t suggest bringing too many treats into a dog park you basically become a treat beacon for everyone.)

So we worked for a little while and a few more dogs came in, but we had the chance to capture these images below of Tabitha, who’s parents have no idea this session happened so SURPRISE Michael and Michelle Sansregret! Your dog is a superstar.