An afternoon with Karen

Back in October I posted to FB to nominate someone who was affected by Cancer for the opportunity to win a session.  I was overwhelmed with the number of entrants.. It is humbling to know how many people are affected by Cancer and live with the diagnosis daily. 

One of those inspiring winners was Karen Lyn, who's daughter entered her for the session.    Karen lives in Ontario, but her daughter is out here on the west coast in Victoria so we planned to spend a day shooting the next time she was in town.  Karen and I connected right away and talked about the last time she had portraits done, her husband immediately pulled out an image of her last glamour portrait.. wow, that was over 20 years ago!  Amazing how time flies! (by the way she is just as stunning now as then)  We chatted about her diagnosis, her healing journey, the last time she had a family portrait done, family vacations, cruising and how much work it was to be a glamour girl in front of my lens ;) 

Here is a little memory of their day.