Elan Vital Series

Personal Projects

When I was younger I used to do a lot of sketching, mostly body parts.  I was always sketching eyes that were filled with tears, they were huge in comparison to the face and looked a bit alien like.  I loved to draw them and could spend my time in my room sketching – I was never very good but the process is what I enjoyed.  I was always so happy with my creation, and then one day I became a grown up and put the pencil down.  When I look back I cannot point to one event or another, it just seemed to fade.  The desire just left.  I was likely in my late teens when I pushed it aside, I just was not good enough to make anything of it even though it brought me some joy in the creation process, it was time to grow up.  So, I did.  I mean I did replace some of that creativity with coloring (cause it’s all the rage) and also with photography, but that was in the film days and I always struggled with creating my vision. My inner and outer would never match and I got frustrated for so long.   It’s taken years of practice and playing and getting lost in the process of creating to finally bring me full circle to creating images from portraits that are so, so similar to my childhood days of doodling and sketching.  So I decided to start a series called ‘Elan Vital’ or Inner Child, as a reminder that maybe we can still have joy and to connect with those little one’s we left behind, they are always there for us, and they miss us. 


I am offering this series for clients to book.  If you want to create a beautiful art piece of you, or to help you reconnect with your inner child, please call (250 932-1143)  or email me to discuss a session.

These are precious one of a kind pieces crafted with love and attention. 

I hope to see you for a session soon.