Award Winning Pet Portrait - The Portrait Masters

Well it’s the season again, every year I enter images for judging by my peers to help me learn, and inspire me to grow and get more skilled. This past July I entered the Awards & Accreditation hosted by Sue Bryce Education. Images are reviewed by a panel of 5 judges and scoring is based on a combination of: expression, connection, styling, composition, posing, lighting, technique & presentation, post-production, focus, and storytelling.

Last year I sat on pins and needles waiting for my results, and this year I just ‘let it go’ and today I happened to go through the awards and accreditation results and I PLACED in a SILVER! You can find the gallery of portrait winners here > and I submitted in the pet category. I seriously screamed and jumped up when I saw I place in the Silver.. with some amazing photographers at my side. I am so proud and honestly AMAZED to see my name in the list of winners… I may be celebrating for a few days!

Here is my winning SILVER submission along with the other 2 that won at BRONZE level.

Honestly, sill feeling super excited. Wow.

Judged by your peers

Awards and Accreditations

This year I entered into the Sue Bryce Accreditation ans awards to push myself and grow. I entered 15 images and 14 of them placed with Bronze placings and these are my top 4 images. I am very proud of myself for just jumping in and putting myself out there. Thank you to the models who stepped in front of my lens to create some magic.