Forty Nine and feeling FINE


So, it's my 49th birthday and to celebrate I decided to launch my new site.


I have been shooting for over 7 years, and have done so many different styles, fashion, weddings, fine art, storytelling, fantasy, artistic...sometimes I feel a little crazy, with all my styles... or it could just be that I am slowly finding what I ACTUALLY LOVE to shoot and what I love about it.  I tend to mature fine wine.  

Anyhow, in all my time behind the camera the one thing most clients say is that they are not models and they are not good in front of the camera. 

GOOD I say, because I am like a lady boss when it comes to portraits. 

I know what it's like to be hanging in front of a lens wondering awkwardly how to put my hands or feet, smile or not or how to hide my love handles and my extra bits of neck flesh.  I get that, I TOTALLY get it, and I don't want you to think about it.  I direct everything, I even want to help style you, and createan amazing experience ... where you are not worried about what to do in front of the camera.  I want to take that stress out of your photoshoot, and I truly desire you to have stunning portraits, that may make you stand taller, and smile wider, because you will see just how beautiful you are.    

So, happy birthday to me, and welcome to the next phase of portraiture in the Cowichan Valley.