Amanda's White Sheet Session

Boudoir but better.

Amanda booked in for one of my White Sheet Sessions to celebrate a few milestones in her life, being a mom, starting a new workout routine and also to capture her new gorgeous smile. I have shot Amanda a few times in the past and it is always a great time.

A few days ramping up to the session, I got a few messages from her about how excited she was for this and she booked in for some additional pampering by getting her nails done ( I mean why not!). Then of course we had the threat of snow, and that had both of us a bit nervous about a go or no go. But the snow held off and she arrived at the studio with hubby and babe in tow. She got dropped off and bit early and her hubby took their daughter for some daddy and daughter time out in nature while we completed the session. The space was already set and within a few minutes of wrapping herself in the white sheet we had captured beautiful images. The session was full of laughs and gossip (cause that’s what we do) I worked with her to position her in the most graceful and flattering way, and we just ‘played’. Once we were about 45 minutes into the session I suggested having her hubby come back and floated the idea of adding her daughter into the images. I thought we could capture some precious moments between mum and her little 18 month old sweet heart. We only had about 10 minutes then it was a wrap. Another great session - I just love these sessions!

Kim these images are amazing!!!! I felt so comfortable and just relaxed working with you, and then the fact that my daughter joined in after just made it all that much better. You always make me laugh and In doing that we create amazing photos. It’s always been an honour to work with you. I have never felt so beautiful especially lately until I got behind your camera, the best sound from you is “yes,yes, yes. That’s it!!” And that happens to be a lot. And not to mention how amazing and patient you were with my daughter...thanks for being awesome and making me feel more than I already do. ~Amanda

How to prepare for a White Sheet Session

Boudoir with a white sheet

You booked your white sheet session so now what? Here’s a little list of things to think of before your session.


I am not saying you need to book one, however take some time to ensure that your digits are well groomed, clean and if you have polish I suggest having them match color or tone.   


I strongly suggest that if you are going to shave, that you will want to do that a day or so prior to you scheduled session. That goes for waxing as well. You don’t want to have annoying little redness appear during your session.


Use your best moisturizer and ensure that you are well hydrated. The intent is to have glowing skin, so include some lip balm as well if you have dry or chapped lips.


If you regularly dye your hair, a quick reminder to have the roots touched up prior to the session. Yes, it is something I can fix in post however it can be easily corrected with a quick visit with your hairdresser.

White Sheet Sessions

Have you heard the term ‘White Sheet Session’ and wonder what it’s all about?  Well, imagine a boudoir session without the lingerie.  I don’t mean a nude session, this is about about the intimacy we can create with a white sheet. It’s about embracing the sultry side of you. With a basic white sheet you have full control over how much you want to reveal or not. You may start our feeling a bit nervous, but trust me it's full of laughs and when you leave you will be glowing. I have had women literally gliding out the door feeling sexy, gorgeous and empowered. I strongly suggest a night out after your session, why not you are already made up and ready to take on the town.   

While the idea of this may seen like something you do in your 20’s and 30’s, I am here to say NO!  Do it now,  no matter your age! Celebrate a milestone birthday, or surprise your special someone.


Boudoir Is it for you?

It's that time of year when you see or hear the words “Book your Boudoir Session”!  So, what is a boudoir session? Is it just for the the younger years?  First off, a boudoir session is a portrait session where you wear outfits that you feel empowered and sexy in.  For some that would be lingerie, dresses, his shirt or even wrapped in a white sheet.  While the idea of this may seem intimidating here are  five reasons why you SHOULD do a boudoir session no matter your age!


Sessions always include, professional hair and makeup, a styling consultation and guided posing session.  With professionals you will get the best of the best!  Oh and by the way, you absolutely want to schedule a date night out after because you will look and feel beautiful.  



He loves you no matter how many times you wear your yoga pants and hair in a bun, but you can bet he will be surprised when he opens that black folio box with gorgeous portraits of you.   It may be a side he’s never seen!


Have a birthday or anniversary coming up?  It's a perfect reason to book a session, you get to pamper yourself,  embrace your sensual side, and create gorgeous portraits of yourself.  When you look back at them you’ll remember how wonderful this time in your life was! 


Being treated like a celebrity, with hair and makeup, is the best therapy! However when you see  your images for the first time you will be amazed and blown away. You will see just how gorgeous you really are!


You rely on your BFF's to get you through all the tough times.  So if you are too nervous to do a session alone, why not make it a girl’s day out! Choose a few of your BFF’s and do a session together! Most  photographers offer special girl’s day out collections that include a day of pampering, food, wine, and each lady getting her time in front of the camera!

Remember you are in full control,  wear whatever makes you feel sexy and confident; a boudoir session is all about you!  So, don't hold back - make 2018 the year you celebrate your sexy. 

Oh and I have a session booked at the end of this month.  I will keep you posted!