Sad Clown

My dad was an artist. I think I have mentioned it in the past but he was a sketch artist, it was a hobby as a child but when he ‘grew up’ he stopped. I used to always go to him for nice lettering when I had a presentation or a science fair project that needed to look nice with pictures. We never hung any of his stuff on our walls it was saved for the kids things, finger paints and doodles and family portraits, but at my Grandma’s there was a painting of his. It was a painting done on black velvet (it was all the rage back in the 70’s) of a sad clown. It had the most vibrant colors, and he had a HUGE red nose. I used to stare at it when we went to my grandma’s for Christmas dinners with everyone. I was always proud my dad had made it, and I loved staring at it. I was quite young but that memory has stuck with me. It recently popped back up when my girlfriend went out for Halloween as a sad clown (it was epic by the way). As soon as I saw her dressed up like that the memory flooded back of my dad’s work.

So this is a little ‘Hommage’ to my dad, and his art, and the impression it made on me.

This is one of my favorite shoots and I find myself absolutely obsessed with it all. I have since returned to the set and created some mixed media pieces as well. I will make a blog about that in the future. For now enjoy the speed edit.

Fall Fantasy

It’s that time of year, the season’s are changing the leaves are falling and it’s getting dark earlier. I used to live in Ontario where we had a glorious burst of color around end of September into October where everything turned a bright red and yellow. Mornings were amazing with the little bit of mist on the leaves and it made the landscape look like a painting some days and other days it was so magical you swore you saw a unicorn. Out here on the west coast we don’t get quite that punch of color in part it’s cause we have more evergreens here, I don’t let that stop me from creating fall feeling in my work.

I hope you enjoy this fall weather and have a fun Halloween - oh and don’t forget to change you clocks this weekend!.


In 2017 I joined a FB group called the lightbulb project with Joel Robison where we we would get weekly words to create by. I have been watching other creatives make some amazing pieces and still I sat on my hands never having the nerve to take the ideas in my head and put them out into the world. I am blocked by fear, intimidation, frustration - it never looks as good as in my head, stagnation, judgement and of course my self image issues. I had an aha moment recently when someone said 'just start.. take shit photos and keep doing it until it is better'... I am paraphrasing but that very short few sentences hit me, it released me from my 'I have to be a good photographer' and that pressure of meeting some sort of expectation I think people have of me. My biggest creative and inspirational block ever!! Tonight I just did it, it was not perfect, my tripod broke on my last trip so I had to balance the camera on a stool and my slipper. None of my pretty dresses fit me and I got down about that for a moment, then I got very scared it was going to bomb but I did it anyhow.. I reached for that creative spark and I just started. If you are a creative in this group please let me know, I am always looking for inspiration be it weaving, painting, sketching, poetry (oh yes please tell me if you do spoken poetry) singing, dancing.. I would love to see your works. If you are just a lover of other creatives be there to support's not easy.

I don’t want to tell you what this image is about for me, but if you are inspired please tell me your thoughts.. what do you think it is about?


Sometimes it is not what you intend to create but what you need to create to open you up to inner most dialogues and thoughts.  This image was inspired by a creepy image of a hand lit from above with melted wax - the ending seems so far from that. 

So many things go into creating images, from your model to the weather and occasionally what you are reading or which netflix show you watched.  I listen to audio books (alot of audio books) when I go on my walks, and hubby recently introduced me to a new title by Neal Donald Walsh called 'Tomorrow's God' it has clearly had an impact on my inner workings and contemplation.  I found myself saying to my hubby 'I know this will sound weird but I think the purpose of living is to have joy, and that worry is (along with other factors) why I got sick.  The purpose of living it so enjoy life not to be caught up in worry and frustration'  (I had to pick up my hubby off the floor at this point).  So, considering all of that is it a surprise that I created an image that is comming out of the dark, with the trinity (be it subconscious, conscious and super conscious or Father, Son and Spirit)  It is the marrying of the 3 to help lift us out of the struggles.

Selfie non selfie

I realize the term 'selfie' referred to using your camera phone for a quick pick...and that the images below may not exactly fit into that category.  Trust me they are still selfies.. done with  tripod, and a remote trigger.  

A selfies - from what I have seen are usually just of the subjects face, and taken from above - they are quickies usually when we are having a good hair or makeup day. The intention here was from a desire to create on a rainy day... and then the post shoot selfie looking out the window.    

Dear 2017,

I want to say thank you.  It was not quite what I expected from a year but in the up and downs I learned lessons, found new friends, clients and inspiration in every moment.  Even those that were wrapped in fear and a bit of darkness.  2017  you helped me grow, find a grounding I have been seeking for  while and a new appreciation for hard work, deep relaxation and embracing what is.

I had my own Glamour Portrait session that boosted my self esteem....I was walking high after that thank you Vintage Chic!

I spent time with other creatives shooting video, creating connections and making memories, I went through home renovations I am in love with.  I create a new space to shoot in - tiny but all mine.. and new refreshed energy in my home.

I spent a beautiful day at a wedding in Tofino, capturing amazing memories and creating some wonderful art from the day.

Finally, I spent alot of time on walks, listening to pod casts on how to hack our life, how to change our behaviors that are not serving us.. and that kicked me off on some healthy journey's, and  bit of weight loss.  Yea!  

So, thank you 2017, you were not what I had planned but you were what I needed. 

Here's to 2018!  


Vikings Landed

I had the pleasure of collaborating with some amazing talent to create a viking shoot a few months back.  Sometimes it takes a while to get to working on them.   



your inner VIKING!


Make up was by Haley Walker, who did both hair and makeup and it was amazing! 

The wardrobe was custom made by Sonja Miller from Kitsune Crafting in Sooke, BC.  You can find her on IG @kitsunecrafting (I highly recommend following her)

My muses for the day are Sophia and August.  Both of these lovely people are avid bodybuilders.   August will be competiting in the comming weeks!  You can follow them at IG  @augustmoonjones and @sophia_anne_mc.