Andrea's Maternity Session 34 Weeks!

Maternity Glamour

Who else thinks Andrea is a glamour gal as an expectant mother? When Andrea called to chat about her session I envisioned her as on the cover of a mag and we discussed this look, with flowing fabric, and big hair.

Yes, Bring your Pet

Pet Portraits

Tips for pets (1).jpg

Let’s be honest, pets are family, and of course you want to include them in your portrait session.  Of course, including your pet does require a little extra prep,  but it is totally doable, and memorable.

Some tips I have learned to help you and your pet for a photo session.

If your pet is like mine they LOVE new people, so don’t expect to have them sit still right off the bat.  To make this work you will need to allow your pet some time to become acquainted with the new person.   Don’t be surprised if it requires some treats to bribe them with.

Always bring a leash or harness, just in case.  I always try to arrange your poses so you can hold onto your pet securely without it looking like you are hanging on for dear life.

Sessions with your pets tend to take a bit more work, so know that going in.  Give your pets the chance to take breaks, walk around and take a quick drink of water. I know there is no way to force a pet to sit still if they are thirsty, agitated, or distracted, and you will see that in the photos.  So, come prepared and with patience.

Finally, pets pick up on your energy and emotions, so be aware of how you are feeling.   Try to be relaxed as possible, and try to arrange your session in a place familiar to your pet like a favorite trail, garden or park.

Glowing Francine

Maternity Glamour Outdoors

I met Francine through her amazing makeup skills and we have work together in the past so when she asked if I would do her images I was over the moon thrilled. One thing about this mamma is the amount of faith she has and how much thought she put into her session. This is her second child and she made sure to have some little details to include her entire family. There were candles with 3 wicks to represent her growing little family, a henna tattoo done by Charcoal - Eclectic Artisan Emporium and Henna Lounge collaborated with her eldest daughter on outfit choice and styling (can you say awe) and had some pintrest ‘inspo’ on hand.

I picked her up at her home and met Sarah Bowman who agreed to create some BTS video footage (thank you so much), and we all headed out to one of her favorite summer swimming holes - Nanaimo River just out by Cassidy. We arrived and immediately spotted a berry bush of sorts that just screamed at us, it was so colorful, we had to play. After spending some time shooting we moved on down to the river stopping along the way to shoot with beautiful cedar trees and some candles. We finally made it to the river only to sit and stare at the rushing waters and enjoy a little moment of wonder. We finished our session by the river and headed back to the car to end the day.

You can find the Talented artist who did the henna at Charcoal - Eclectic Artisan Emporium and Henna Lounge

Follow Francine’s Makeup Artistry at Artistry by Francine

Follow Sarah Bowman at Sarah Bowman Portraits

Creative Stretch

Personal Creative time

Today was all about firsts… it was the first time doing a session with a new lens, that I adore now, the first time using smoke bombs ( honestly I was terrified to light it) and the first time trying Canon’s in camera multiple exposure settings. First off… WOW I had so much fun, and secondly why did I wait so long to play with either of these things? Oh Yes, I recall… fear..gah that 4 letter word really cramps learning. I just need to get over myself and do it.. cause although I was terrified to light the flare/smoke bomb, once it was going, and we had it set up, it was exhilerating both of us were shaking from excitement. I guess what they say is true about things being just on the other side of fear..

Which Camera is best for my child

Which Camera is best for my child.jpg

For my stepson's 13th birthday I gifted him his first DSLR, it was a way for us to bond, and do things together. I have fond memories of us going on little walks and pulling out the cameras and experimenting. As he got older the photography bug grew, and he starting shooting and upgrading his equipment. That passion, took him to many countries, and created many memories for him growing up. So, if you are thinking about buying your mini-me their first camera, how do you know which is best.  Well, a few things you to consider particularly since children’s interests can change in a flash.  You can, however, still support their hobby without breaking the bank.   

Here are our top tips for choosing a camera for your kid. 

1.       Size Matters - Make sure that the controls and buttons are manageable and that the size of the camera is suited to the size of their hands. The menus should also be logical, easy to read and have intuitive icons that are easy to understand.

 2.       Learn by Doing - Children love to experiment and tend to learn faster when they are hands on. An entry-level DSLR camera will give them enough settings like exposure, ISO, shutter speed and aperture.

 3.       Big Screen – The digital screen on the back should be large, bright and have great color reproduction. Another thing to consider is how easy it is to see in both indoor lighting and outdoors lighting conditions. 

 4.       Pixels – Most camera’s will have plenty of resolution, but if you are purchasing second hand you want to consider the sensor resolution. In general a 10-14 mega pixel camera is a sufficient for an entry level photographer.

 5.       Memory Cards – Obviously, they will need some SD/SDHC memory cards, to store all those amazing images.  The only suggestion is a little more research, buy from a camera store and have backups in case of failure.

 6.       Add-ons – After a day of shooting your mini-me will want to download images from the camera onto a computer for viewing or editing so a USB cable or external device to transfer the images from the card to the computer will be an essential.

Finally, if you are concerned about price, and worry that this is just a fad, you could invest in a used camera.  Many photographers sell their ‘older’ camera’s to upgrade and you may be able to get a deal.  Your other option for a second hand camera is check in the camera stores, they often have a used section. 

Amanda's White Sheet Session

Boudoir but better.

Amanda booked in for one of my White Sheet Sessions to celebrate a few milestones in her life, being a mom, starting a new workout routine and also to capture her new gorgeous smile. I have shot Amanda a few times in the past and it is always a great time.

A few days ramping up to the session, I got a few messages from her about how excited she was for this and she booked in for some additional pampering by getting her nails done ( I mean why not!). Then of course we had the threat of snow, and that had both of us a bit nervous about a go or no go. But the snow held off and she arrived at the studio with hubby and babe in tow. She got dropped off and bit early and her hubby took their daughter for some daddy and daughter time out in nature while we completed the session. The space was already set and within a few minutes of wrapping herself in the white sheet we had captured beautiful images. The session was full of laughs and gossip (cause that’s what we do) I worked with her to position her in the most graceful and flattering way, and we just ‘played’. Once we were about 45 minutes into the session I suggested having her hubby come back and floated the idea of adding her daughter into the images. I thought we could capture some precious moments between mum and her little 18 month old sweet heart. We only had about 10 minutes then it was a wrap. Another great session - I just love these sessions!

Kim these images are amazing!!!! I felt so comfortable and just relaxed working with you, and then the fact that my daughter joined in after just made it all that much better. You always make me laugh and In doing that we create amazing photos. It’s always been an honour to work with you. I have never felt so beautiful especially lately until I got behind your camera, the best sound from you is “yes,yes, yes. That’s it!!” And that happens to be a lot. And not to mention how amazing and patient you were with my daughter...thanks for being awesome and making me feel more than I already do. ~Amanda

My Why


Have you ever wondered what stokes a photographer’s passion?  Wonder why they do it?  Well here are a few of MY reasons why..

  1. Photography changes how you see things. I am constantly noticing colors, textures, people, and light in a way most people don’t. It’s a way to capture those things for others to see.

  2. You pay attention. Everything you see is something you can shoot with some creative lighting, or posing. Even the most mundane can become beautiful when you photograph it in a creative way.

  3. It's my creative outlet. Every photo I take I get the chance to put a little bit of who I am into each image.  I particularly love shooting people in a way they don’t see themselves and I can show them a different perspective.

  4. It's a challenge. There is always something new to explore, something new to learn and even and a new way to work with the same subject and create something different! It’s never the same way twice and it never gets boring.

  5. PEOPLE. I love working with people, the connection and friendships I make from a session is something I am grateful for every day.  


Every photographer has a different WHY, and this list changes a little bit as I grow and learn and make more connections, but right now, this these are some of my Why’s.


Congratulations!  Bringing a baby into the world is an amazing life event you definitely want to capture. Trust me, it’s a time you want to remember, and it is a beautiful way to bond with your little one once they are older.  So this blog is for you if you are considering or have booked your maternity session